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We are a dance studio with strong Christian values. We pray after classes.


Terms and conditions :

  1. A non-refundable enrolment fee of R400.00 is payable for each dancer/student enrolled annually. Enrolment fees are payable on the day of enrolment and strictly prior to a student’s first class. The enrolment fee also includes a MLSD special gift that will be used during the year. 

  2. After online registering, parents are responsible for all payments of the student’s account and must acquaint him/herself with the Terms and Conditions and General Rules prior to sending the student for his/her first class. 

  3. No classes will be scheduled on public holidays, during school holidays, during competitions that we are competing in, or during dance exams – UNLESS PRE-ARRANGED.Classes will be 30minutes or more in length and will be held per style. Ballet classes are twice a week from Primary upwards. Jazz classes are once a week.

  4. Dance fees are calculated on a term basis and are payable in advance on or before the 5th of the first month of the term. Under no circumstances will any fees be refundable and no credit will be given to students who are absent from class.  In the event where the class fees are not paid before or on the 5th of the first month of the term, an email will be sent as a reminder to pay the invoiced bill on a postponed date, when the person responsible for paying the bill, haven’t settled the account on the given date, the student will no longer be allowed to attend class and the account holder will be held responsible for the outstanding fees.

  5. If a student wants to terminate their registration a 1 x month notice has to be given. The student will be charged for 30 days after written notice is received via e-mail. 

  6.  All payments have to be done by means of direct deposit.

  7. Fees do not include exam and competition registration-and-entry fees or Choreography of any solo/duet/trio, dance routines. It does not include costume fees.  MLSD class fees are strictly payable in advance. Meaning you need to pay before a class is conducted. If you do not obey by this, classes will be cancelled and you will still be liable for outstanding class fees

  8. Michelle Leibrandt School of Dance do not accept responsibility, direct or indirect, and will not be held liable for any accident or death, injuries, illness, damage and/or losses suffered by you and/or the student during dance lessons, rehearsals, performances, functions, outings and tours and you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Michelle Leibrandt School of Dance and its employees in the event of any such occurrences.

  9. Michelle Leibrandt School of Dance will not be responsible for students outside of class times. 

  10. All students, teachers and parents will adhere to the studio “General Rules” for their own safety and out of respect for others and the premises used. 

  11. Any contact with Michelle Leibrandt School of Dance principal (Michelle) should only be done between 9am and 11am, Tuesdays - Thursdays.   

  12. All classes are done in studio uniform.

  13. A register for each class is maintained  by the teacher and records students attendance for purposes of safety and security. 

  14. If a class is cancelled due to the sickness of the teacher, a health epidemic or any other unforseen event, then we will try to reschedule the class. This may be on a different day and time from when originally scheduled, and might involve an extention to the term dates. No refunds will be given in this case

  15. If your child attend any classes during the term, you are liable to pay for the full term's invoice.

Permissions ( Medical & Photographic consent) 


  1. Medical: Parents are required to give permission for any students under the age of 18 for an authorised first aider to give any immediate and /or necessary first aid treatment. 

  2. Photographic: Upon registration parents are asked to opt in or opt out of photographic consent for their child. Parents will be notified when photographic sessions take place. 

  3. Social media: Profesional photo's taken during performances, exams and shows are shared on MLSD Social media platforms wich include; MLSD website, Facebook page and Instagram account. Upon Registration parents consent to publishing group/class pictures. No individual photo's or personal achievement will be shared without parent's consent. 


General Rules  :


  1. Michelle Leibrandt School of Dance will hold within its sole discretion the final say as to the suitability of a student to be entered for examinations, competitions and/or shows/concerts and may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, withdraw or hold back from any such specified events, any student which in the opinion of Michelle Leibrandt School of Dance, appears to be inadequately prepared due to poor attendance and/or performance.   

  2. All school bags/ tog bags/ shoes/ clothes are to be left outside the studio or in the waiting room.

  3. No eating or soft drinks to be consumed during class times, please ensure that your child has water available after classes. 

  4. No interruptions during any class. All administration matters can be discussed via email or in the mornings.

  5. All cell phones to be switched OFF during class! 

  6. Choreography of solo routines will cost R1000 per solo and will include the following:  2 x private lessons. Editing of music. 

  7. Under no circumstances, may the choreography of the routine be changed by either the dancer, parent or guardian. If this matter occurs, the student will no longer be allowed to enter under the studios name. 

  8. A student has to obtain a 80 % or more for the annual dance exam to be able to enter a solo / duet or trio for a competition.

  9. In the case where an outside choreographer is used, the parent of the student is responsible for the account of the outside choreographer. 

  10.  In the case where the student has been absent from class 3 times or more per term without a medical letter, he/she will no longer be allowed to take part in the festival or exam. 

  11. Students must please vacate the studio as soon as classes end, to accommodate the next class and allow for new parents to park. As you know parking is limited.

  12. All students are required to participate yearly in the following events: exams, annual show and festivals. 

  13. No student will be allowed to skip an exam unless otherwise decided by an instructor or sufficient proof is given that such an exam has been completed in the past. Entry fees in respect of above, is payable and will be indicated on the noticeboard and in newsletters sent out. No late payments will be accepted.

  14. You as parents are invited to come and observe your child’s progress by sitting in on the last class of each Term.

  15. NO spectators CAN SIT IN AT ANY OF THE CLASSES other than mentioned above. Please abide by this rule for it is only to the benefit of your own child.  I only allow grandparents or family that visit from far.

  16. If, for whatever reason, a student wants to discontinue lessons, 1 Month written notice must be given. Please remember our fees are payable per term and full term fees's will apply. 




  • Hair must be tied up neatly. NO LOOSE HAIR, dancers must have their hair in a neat bun. 

  • No big earrings, watches or rings allowed.



  • Pre-Primary: Lilac CAP sleeve leotard & skirt. Short ballet stockings.                                              

          Pink full sole leather Ballet shoes WITH elastic.

  • Primary: Lilac RAD Leotard & Skirt. Short ballet stockings.                                                               
    Pink Full sole leather Ballet shoes WITH elastic

  • Gr 1 – Gr 5 : Black studio ballet leotard. Long pink ballet tights.

          Pink Leather  full sole Ballet shoes WITH elastic. Character Skirt & Character shoes.

  • Vocational ballet. girls may wear any black ballet leotard and wrap skirt for classes. 

         Pink ballet tights. Delco ballet shoes, soft ballet shoes and point shoes required for all classes. ​


  • Tiny Tots and Tiny dancers 
    May wear baby pink any style ballet outfit.

  • All other jazz classes ballet uniform leotard and black ski pants.

All ballet leotards, and wrap skirts are available from Danceworx 012 667 5806 (Centurion)

For ballet, and character shoes please contact Valerie, Ballet Barre 012 346 4311 (Brooklyn)

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